I am an artist, musician and collector of odd bits and pieces. Nick “The Hat” Gucker is an avid fan of horror in its various and sundry forms with a distinct interest in the weird and Lovecraftian elements of the genre. He has been involved with comics, story boarding, painting and illustrating with a focus on these peculiar and particular interests since graduating from The Art Institute of Seattle. Nick is a collector of Masonic and Shriner odds and ends and various bits and pieces of things that have passed this mortal coil. He also has a strange fascination with Godzilla and his foes, both reptilian and alien in origin. On a smaller scale, he is also an entomophile who does not discriminate between those of the six and eight legged variety. He is approximately 17% of the way to becoming a crazy cat lady. In 2010 Nick became one of the many tentacled appendages of Strange Aeons magazine, working as the sole staff artist. Recent collaborations include illustrations for a comic and a short story with Los Angeles-based writer and raconteur Cody Goodfellow, artwork for a story by Sci-Fi mythos writer David Conyers for Perilous Press (www.perilouspress.com)
Art for The Aklonomicon, a Lovecraftian horror anthology pairing artists with authors (www.aklopress.org). I had the good-fortune of working with Joe Pulver, Garrett Cook and Jordan Krall on a three-way round-robin insane story, and also did an illustration for a poem co-written by Joe Pulver and Nova McIntosh.
I’ve done a few book covers for Blysster Press (www.blysster.com) including The Siege of Antrell by Clyde Wolfe, De-Compositions – a horror anthology and  AfterDark Chronicles by M.R. Mitchell and R.L. Reeves.
I’m also an active board member and staff artist for Crypticon Seattle horror convention since 2009 http://www.crypticonseattle.com
and various commission pieces.


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